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Norm S

I don’t belong to a club, so can’t comment about that (I am not a clubby type person, so maybe that says something about me), but ….

My local gamestore is a visible public space and I visit several wargame shows a year, which likewise a visible public place and I image both present some sort of opportunity to gauge diversity. In both these places I am seeing a greater representation of young people, a greater representation of mixed gender, but not of ethnicity. The shows do largely cater for disability (mainly because they are in public function spaces and they have had to make changes), but I don’t think my gamestore does, the door is very heavy and the loos are upstairs (an old building).

In the gamestore, the younger element is playing Magic, Star Wars, Age of Sigmar, 40k and systems that come in boxes as packages having usually started on kickstarter. there are a small group of Euro boardgamers and they tend to be older guys and I do not see anyone putting on what I would describe as historical mass battles type stuff (i.e proper wargaming).

I follow blogs and video blogs for both historical boardgames and figures and model making and these media are heavily dominated by middle aged plus white males.

I suspect the real diversity is happening when a few friends are getting together in each others homes, to play any one of the raft of new boardgames, Euro games etc and this is invisible from a commentary / trend point of view.

Edit .. I do have a regular opponent and we try to game weekly and have done for 30 years, but outside of that, I don’t really know anyone who plays games and there is certainly no-one who would understand toy soldiers

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