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An update.

My new-chum wargaming pal has seized on the hobby with remarkable energy & speed.

He has:

  1. created a permanent hobby room for himself.
  2. purchased a ping pong table to game on
  3. bought rules (Great War Spearhead)
  4. placed an order at Hannants for a small mountain of 1/72 figures
  5. chosen a scenario he’s working towards (Bellau Woods) & planning creating the necessary terrain for it.
  6. Set a tentative date for the first game (using counters as the figures won’t be painted yet).


I’ve talked him into trying to paint the figures when they arrive. The default position is if he hates painting, he’ll send them off somewhere to get pro-painted (not sure to whom or where yet).

He wants tanks & I’m not sure where to get them from.

A whirlwind of planning & activity! I’m going to give myself credit for inspiring & guiding him……because if I don’t give myself credit, no-one else will.