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I may be missing something in subtle cultural translation, but the sentence just took me as being crass – or at least not endearing for the purposes of recruiting new gamers, from the diversity perspective that this thread relates to

Ah, yes, I could understand that. I was just trying use casual language rather than having to say “men, women, boys, girls” and all other age level in between.  In SoCal back in the surf days, Chick was the female form of Dude and not considered offensive.   Sheila never did catch on, despite there being some attempts at incorporating the Aussie slang into SoCal surf wordage.  But, Betty was the one that was a bit derisive implying a good looking female with minimal brains, and I still hate to hear it used 25 years later.  Time does change words though, as my child is now frequently saying things are “lit”, meaning good or cool, while back in my youth “lit” meant stoned, and even more recently it meant “drunk” to college kids…


So, back to how to bring in more diversity…. honestly, a really good way to do so would be to stage games at local colleges, in their student center or dining hall, some place highly visible.  See about having mini-cons or games days at local high and junior high schools.  Both of those options have worked in Kansas City (both with school gaming days and the Recruits convention), might work elsewhere too.

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