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Mr. Average

I agree – your colour schemes are both appealing and striking! I created my own imagi-nations for an early cold war 3mm conflict, although I’ve yet to get around to actually playing any games. I’ve got a blog dedicated to it here: Wars of Turkmenistania (feel free to lift anything for your own use!) I used Nordic Weasel Games’ Not Just a Brush War, which was helpful & thought provoking, although it may be too detailed, depending upon how much effort you want to put into your made-up powers

I’ve seen your work and I dig it! I may well use the NWG generator for some flavor, as a matter of fact – I’m not sure if I’m going to characterize this as two post-Sphere of Influence “Eastern” states during it out or some kind of big power breakup. The former might again stray too close to “Yay, Commies, Yay Capitalism” and be distracting, the latter might be easier to swallow up as “Hard Liners” versus “Reformists” in a more generic but still engaging way.

I am surprised that I really find your colour schemes appealing. Very nicely done!

No more so than I! Cartoony paint jobs like these usually read as “sci fi” to me, which is fine, but typically a turn-off to my friends at the club, outside some narrow exceptions (40K and Battletech being the only ones coming immediately to mind). But these feel about right and in a narrow context I hope they’ll serve my purposes.