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Don Glewwe
  1. Late war, Western Front……..what typical planes would be appropriate for a ground attack role?

Sopwith Camel for the British/French – it wasn’t designed for it but got ‘stuck in’ for the job more than others.

The Germans did have a specific aircraft for the role, so may as well use it: the Junkers CL.1  (edit: Looks like the Junkers isn’t that common in kits – the Halberstadt CLII would be my second choice.)


2. 20mm………who makes suitable models (I thought model plane kits but I don’t think these would be robust enough?)

In 1/72 anything can be found kit-wise.  Being ubiquitous (common scale in gaming using ‘Triplane’ or ‘Watch Your Six’ rules) you may even be able to track some finished kits down if building isn’t in the cards?  As mentioned, there should be no problem with being robust enough.  The same is true of cardstock kits, though the fiddlybit nature of construction is well above that of plastic kits.


3. Aircraft stands……………they’ll need to be able to “fly” over the battlefield. What can I use for stands?

Wholeheartedly agree with the tripod suggestion mentioned – something constructed out of florist’s wire (a bit stronger than pipe cleaners) may  serve?