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Guy Farrish

Interesting battle!

I was a little surprised at how badly the Royalist horse seemd to fair too – especially given their almost invincible nature in many rule sets (especially early war).

I wonder – you say maybe an answer is to test as a brigade. I bought the rules following earlier readings of your battles and although I haven’t played a full battle yet (I think I need to rebase- otherwise my normal table is looking a bit small) I have been tinkering solo. I may have missed something as I find the flow of rules a bit odd in places, but on p.20 of my pdf copy it says:

‘When declaring a charge the ranged combat is conducted by the entire force ie the brigade of four horse bases will roll once and apply that to the entire force.’


(although just to confuse the issue on p.19 ‘Whether the chargers charge home is resolved for each charging base in the ranged charging phase’ – I was presuming as this latter is talking about the timing of the test it simply means you test for all the chargers in this phase rather than testing by base – but I may be wrong).

Also I see in your example in the comments section you say the Parliamentarians advance as 6 – is this without a test? I see that there is a ‘-‘ for their Offensive Ranged Combat Factor – I had assumed this meant they get no factor and always test at a massive disadvantage. But now I see pike get a ‘0’ – so does this mean Dutch tactic horse automatically close? Seems odd if so. I had presumed that the Ducth school horse found it much harder to charge than Swedish tactic horse in these rules. Again it looks as if I may have missed something?

Also – quick clarification please – Brooke’s Left wing horse – ’16 bases of Raw Horse (SH)’ – SH?

Thanks for posting – I really must sort myself out and play the rules through as a whole!