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Thanks very much Guy, that really helped.

‘When declaring a charge the ranged combat is conducted by the entire force ie the brigade of four horse bases will roll once and apply that to the entire force.’

Ah yes, that will be it.  I had been using p.19 “Whether the chargers charge home is resolved for each charging base in the ranged combat” as you described and thought that meant roll for each. Excellent, I can use the above, which will improve things a bit.

Also I see in your example in the comments section you say the Parliamentarians advance as 6 – is this without a test? I see that there is a ‘-‘ for their Offensive Ranged Combat Factor – I had assumed this meant they get no factor and always test at a massive disadvantage. But now I see pike get a ‘0’ – so does this mean Dutch tactic horse automatically close? Seems odd if so. I had presumed that the Ducth school horse found it much harder to charge than Swedish tactic horse in these rules. Again it looks as if I may have missed something?

I think so: the definitions p.10 state that “Charge: only available to Horse (S) and Irish and Highland foot”.  So the Parliamentarian Horse trot forward as an advance to combat which does not require a test, but gives a +1 in the close combat for advancing to combat.

Also – quick clarification please – Brooke’s Left wing horse – ’16 bases of Raw Horse (SH)’ – SH?

Sorry, an error, it should have been a simple (S) for “Swedish trained”