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Guy Farrish

Thanks – that was very helpful to me as well – I don’t think I wanted to believe that  ‘old decayed servingmen and tapsters’ could just wander up and get such an advantage: so I must have glossed over that bit!

It feels wrong that cavalry whose intention was not purely to intimidate with the threat of a physical clash with the sword can ‘walk/trot’ into close combat at will, whereas a unit whose training and raisond’etre was to close, has to take a test and stands a fair chance of sitting around studying its nails.

I shall have to have a think about that.

Thanks for the clarification on Brooke’s horse – I note the army generator in the rules only seems to allow Dutch tactic trained Parliamentary Horse – even in the Naseby list – seems a bit odd for the Ironsides?

Anyway, all the best with the campaign – cracking start.