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Guy Farrish

That looks as if it might even things up a bit.

Ironsides – sorry! Lazy use of the word – I was thinking of the New Model’s horse – Commanded by Cromwell perhaps but indeed Faifax’s rather than the old Eastern Association horse.

As for your start – Perhaps Manchester’s thoughts re Charles were in my mind:

‘If we fight 100 times and beat him 99 he will be King still, but if he beats us but once, or the last time, we shall be hanged, we shall lose our estates, and our posterities be undone.’

Whether a continuation or a fresh start – all the best for the campaign and I look forward to seeing if the devilish Royalist horse can yet win!


PS – get Stapelton or Balfour in charge of the horse instead of that Huntingdonshire egg merchant! Cromwell should still be weeding out the dross from the Eastern Association shouldn’t he?’