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That looks as if it might even things up a bit

Ha! Well it does.  But the operative word here is “a bit”.  I spent a bit of time today taking this apart more fully, but the bottom line is – I would take Dutch-trained troopers every time.  I have left my notebook at work, but I more on this tomorrow…

Whether a continuation or a fresh start – all the best for the campaign and I look forward to seeing if the devilish Royalist horse can yet win!

Many thanks!  I’m veering towards re-setting, but we shall see…

PS – get Stapelton or Balfour in charge of the horse instead of that Huntingdonshire egg merchant! Cromwell should still be weeding out the dross from the Eastern Association shouldn’t he?’

Yes, you are probably right, but I don’t want to sweat the small stuff about the campaign game.  The King’s War has him in, so in he goes!