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Thanks for the link! I begun some Russian log houses some time ago, for Napoleonic and WW2, but with hard wood… it’s a pain, I never finished them…

I recently bought some Laser cut kits from “Things from the Basement” (USA) and I shall probably start again – mixing parts from the kits and scratch-building some other parts.

is it very bendy? I wanted to make some stone floor areas by inscribing the detail into the foam. However I am concerned it is not very rigid? Would it glue nicely to a plasticard sheet underneath do you think to keep it from bending/warping?

Any soft material is bendy when you add a layer of paint or whatever, but with another layer of something else (or card) underneath it should be OK. Then you could always add some wooden “beams” underneath too to strengthen it and it’s more realistic too.