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What are your plans or have you any at all?

Well…..yeah sort of. I’m still messing about with my SF at the moment. But I do have something in mind for afterwards. Given the fact I don’t own any fantasy stuff at all. I have somewhat of a blank canvas to work from.

First…..I look at what inspires me. Game of Thrones, LoTR, Greek Mythology, 90’s computer game moonstone: Hard Days Knight. Etc…..

Second…..research what minitures are on the market that I like and fit in with the above.

Third…..think about the scenery and putting together some rules of some description.

Fourth…..mash it all together and hopefully end up with something that resembles a game.

This will certainly start of having a long story arc. Since I’m a while off starting all this. I’m not sure whether any further games will be related to this or not. Working on the assumption I even get to this point.