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And thanks for the link to that interesting article, Ochoin. In fact that, plus your mention of perishable materials, reminded me of something.

Ever since the discovery of the cave paintings, part of the discourse surrounding them has centered on the question of why they were created in such inaccessible places. The various suggestions put forward make sense. But. . .

Years ago I read a novel based on another possibility — the premise that this “primitive” art (it was anything but, of course) was made, not just in caves, but outside them,too.

The novel follows the career of a gifted artist who makes his paintings on rock walls.  I don’t recall if any mention made of other materials, such as wood, for sculpture. In any case, if such things existed, they are long gone, leaving only the cave art.

I regret that I can remember neither title nor author. 

If it rings a bell for anyone, I’d like to hear about it.

If nothing else,  that possibility, along with the body painting suggested by your link, does widen the scope for Prehistoric players to add some color* to their game tables.


*Or perhaps I should say “tart up”!