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Guy Farrish


I was interested in your thoughts on ‘unit’ representation and how wargames may be getting it very wrong by splitting troops into weapon types. I suspect we do quite a bit of this in the European Mediaeval period as well. I’m not sure how we can represent the ‘mixed’ nature of groups of soldiers however without losing some of the facets of tactical decision making gamers enjoy. Bordgamers seem to accept a slightly more abstracted ‘combat power’ idea about their counters than I suspect figure gamers are prepared to admit. The ‘stone scissors paper’ of various weapon group interactions seems as firmly based in this period as the column, line, square on is in the mind of many Napoeonic period gamers.

I understand it – I like the tactical game play of the interactions – I’m just not convinced they were quite so clear cut on the real battlefield.

I think I will have play around with some of your thoughts in the European context.