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Guy Farrish

Were you trying to ‘sell’ the card idea in a recreational wargame in an army wargames club? Or were you trying to sell it as a training aid?

The latter would probably appear ‘amateurish’ – I think (I don’t think it IS per se, but it’s about perception – as Martin said: dress up a d6 as ‘random number generated percentages’ and you pass – a d6 would loook like playing ludo).

Which brings us on to the other thing – where again perception is probably key.

I’ve played all sorts of wargames in military wargames clubs and never had any problem from anyone about ‘gambling’. I guess it depends on the local command interpretation of games of chance – but as William said it’s the financial aspect that causes the issue not the dice or cards. I’ve attended ‘casino nights’ in various wardrooms/messes where roulette, blackjack etc were played – but they were for tokens not money. You bought the tokens but that money went to charity, and you ‘won’ the fun of a night out.


Oh – sorry – not serving.

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