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Yeah, Ochoin. I have an elaborate, diaorama-like set-up that I never play with because it takes and hour to get on the table and another hour to pick up. After I bought the Commission MDF stuff, I thought about doing an old school set-up: very stylized, a la “Charge”. Then “Travel Battle” came out and I started seriously considering buying that.

However, a voice inside me said “You can use the MDF stuff and yoga mats to do a BETTER version of ‘Travel Battle’.”

First I tried doing flocked and interlocking mats. That didn’t work because the only mats I could get at a reasonable price were poorly cut and didn’t fit together well. They were also thinner than normal (about 5mm), so they warped a bit when flocked, even when I used wood glue.

So the second idea was to make unflocked hex terrain modules. That worked OK, but I couldn’t get the hexes perfect, even with a jig. Plus, making them modular with hills, cities and forests already on the board made them less versatile and harder  to store.

So this is the third try. Rivers, roads and some terrain like hedgerows and fields and spaces for cities will be painted on. This way, terrain can be removed to place figures. Forests are bits of felt with trees on top of them. Hills are placed seperately. Bushes and trees built on pins will be provided to hold everything more or less in place (the big advantage of PVA mat terrain is you can use pins). Nothing will be flocked, in order to go with the old school vibe. And the back of the maps have felt glued to them so that they can essily be stuck to a piece of felt laid out on the table. Another advantage of the felt backing is that it prevents the modules from sticking together when stacked in the storage box.

I built a custom traveling box for the kit out of bits of wood and foamcore that were laying around. It has ten shelving units, each of which can hold three full and three half-sized Terrain modules. It has another shelving unit for terrain bits and a final drawer for holding two armies of six mm MDF figurines. Netting on the side holds the felt playing mat. It weighs maybe two pounds, empty, and is the size of a small gym bag.

So this will be my “Travel Battle” kit!




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