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Yes, Bennington! Thank you.

Philip Katcher, ‘Encyclopedia of British, Provincial, and German Army Units, 1775-1783’ has this to say regarding jaegers (p. 106-107): “They were especially hired by the British government because it was thought they would be an advantage in the vast American forests. As it turned out, however, many plain peasants were put into jaeger uniforms rather than the especially-trained hunters, and the jaeger units were little better, at times, than the regular battalion soldiers.”

He then goes on to identify the Anspach jaegers (3 companies arrive, approx 100 men each–though later reformed into six companies transferring all Anspachers into these companies.), the Brunswick jaegers (no numbers listed) but they served with the Hesse Cassel Jaeger Corp which had a strength of approximate 500.

So maybe the jaeger reputation is better than their reality. If so, we can probably assigned that to British wishful thinking and memoirs of Johann Ewald, who I think was exceptional.

There were some German fusilier units, too, which probably operated more as light infantry. Though, I think the British, especially under Howe, were using more advanced light tactics than any of the German states.

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