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If the primary purpose of scouting is to say determine where the other troops are, then there needs to be a mechanism that hides them because as a player I can see where the other player has put his troops, they are behind that hill there, by the tape measure.
A scout gives me no advantage in playing the game.

However if as a player I can see a place where the troops could be, such as indicated by a blind or something similar then maybe the scout can help me work out which blinds are real troops?

Maybe once the troops are set up, with blinds and dummy units etc, you make a scouting roll and the other player has to remove fake blinds if you win?

Maybe if you have actual scouting models on the tabletop, once they get within Xcm of the blind/dummy unit then they they are revealed as actual units or dummies.

Not really sure what I am on about but there you go.