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Michael Collins

Hi Mike and Donald,

One of the big changes I plan to make is to provide quick-reference booklets for 3, or 4 base width sizes (say: 20, 30, 40, & 60mm bases). Throughout the rule book itself, I will indicate ranges and distances like this: “20/30/40/60mm”.

I plan to make much use of photos throughout the text to illustrate the rules – but this will be done to decribe how they work, rather than to provide a superficial eye-candy.

Rules-wise, I did have some detailed provision for different nations` troops to perform a passage of lines, but i have replaced this with a more simplified alternative to fit all types.

I also have a new troop order condition of “unformed”; this is to differentiate from troops being disordered by terrain once they are in combat (in musket/rifle range) or under fire from enemy artillery.