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Mike: Yeah, lol; it was a bit like that. Although the words I used was……let’s say a bit stronger than “Oh no no no no”.

Mike Headden: I never had a problem before. However, I used a cheap spray hobby varnish. Maybe part of the problem, espically since I’ve alway used Army Painter Matt finish varnish without an issue.

Anyway, after my earlier fiasco with the varnish. I’ve managed to completely redo the DSG MBT Pythons. I still have the Talins, Scorpions and Cobras to do. I will show these once done I just need to paint them. Anyway, first up are some redone Mercenary Pythons and some fluff to go with it.


The DSG Python is a popular choice amongst mercenary factions. Cheap, rugged and easy to maintain with abundant parts. The Python allows each tank crew to easily upgrade their vehicle. Nearly all fit external customise storage racks, allowing the tank to carry more fuel, spare parts, tow cables and general equipment needed for day to day activity’s. Some crews have retro fitted new turrets. Either as an upgrade or as a repair from combat. The standard Python turret can also accommodate an assortment of different guns. To suit the personal preference of the crew. Added to that many crews also fit extra MG’s for close quarters.

Weaponry isn’t the only thing crews customise. Paint jobs and personal insignia’s are popular cosmetic touches crew like to add.