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Thanks for the reply!

Thank you for saying so! I try to go for some more realistic color choices from time to time, but I can’t bring myself to do camo on mechs. In my mind they are a weapon of terror as much as actual destruction, bold colors makes sure the enemy sees them when you want them to and active camo/stealth systems allow you to be a bit more sneaky when needed, at least thats how I picture it in my games 🙂

I have similar throughts on camo for mechs. For me mechs; in most cases are big and tall. Seems pointless to me to paint a camo colour. I think mechs will have some kind of energy field/shielding and/or stealth ability. Negating the need for heavy armour plating and camo. Both “Predator” type camo and energy shielding is in development. So I’m thinking bright colours too.

Using traits to set weapons apart instead of using a list of pre made weapons with set sats. That’s interesting, something I never thought of. I shall squirrel away that idea for future reference when I come to it.