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Angel Barracks

So, I am reviewing how best to make Crom’s Anvil grow.

There is bucket loads more profit in the resin items compared to the figures.
But figures are cooler?

The resin items are a lot quicker and cheaper to get to market.
The figures depend.
Of the 2 sculptors I use, 1 is very quick and good, the other is very slow and excellent.

So I think in order to increase the amount figures, I will use the quick guy for villains and NPC types and I will use the slower guy for the Hero models.
So I have Erland and Eydis at the casters (by the slow guy) and I have 3 greens being posted to me in the next couple of days (by the quick guy)

Here are some pics of the Simurgh Town Guard:

Whilst not as sexy (?) as the Hero sculpts they are still very nice.