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Here are some even smaller one casting stands with lables painted and printed as I described above. This was a test to see what label color worked best:

Of course, you could always go a more visually “popped” route, which I have done for this panzer division here. This makes the labels more obtrusive, but gets rid of the jarring whiteness:

Here’s a series of basing solutions, showing some Soviets as well:

I think you’ll agree, however: these are hardly gaming counters. 3mm isn’t everyone’s bag, but it DOES NOT produce “gaming counters” if done correctly.

It is also something of a “freebie” scale: at four dollars for 15 castings, you can buy yourself a nice little travel or coffee table set up for the same cost as one Games Wankshop figure. Two armies and simple terrain can fit in two cigar boxes. Add a gaming mat and you now have a set up you can carry in a daypack pretty much anywhere.

THAT’S the benefit of 3mm: it allows every gamer to build their own mini set-up and/or explore eras or fronts you’d never do. Want to build a Hungarian Armored Division for 1945?  Check out those GHQ prices! Oddzial Osmy has your back for under thirty dollars.


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