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General Slade

I also was given the book as a present sometime back in the 70s and it is still sitting on my shelf, right next to Quarrie’s Napoleon’s Campaigns in Miniature.  It is a lovely book though I do have rather mixed feelings about it because at the time I found it both inspiring and intimidating.  It was inspiring because I loved the pictures of the masses of beautifully painted troops and intimidating because I couldn’t see anyway I that I could ever come close to creating armies of similar size and quality.  I mean this was a book that said a battalion was supposed to have 48 other ranks and 5 officers and a squadron should consist of 24 troopers plus an officer. Even if you could afford them and paint them you were going to need a very big table to move them on (the suggested frontage for a battalion was 13″ and for a squadron 10″).

For this reason (and because I had a schoolboy belief that for rules to be realistic they had to be complicated) I always preferred Bruce Quarrie’s Airfix Guide.    The games depicted in the photographs at least did seem achievable.  Mind you I never did manage to achieve it until 15mm figures came along.  How anyone manages to paint armies of 25mm an above is beyond me.