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A nice read, Norm, and something I have been thinking of with my own “Old School” Napoleonics project.

I mean, I say it is “old school”,right, but:

1) It is organized around 6mm MDF cut figures. Certainly something that only exists today! I mean, it gives the set up a very nice toy soldier look, but no one back then played Napoleonics in 6mm and certainly not with laser cut MDF figures!

2) The terrain is built on PVA yoga mats and print-out paper terrain. Again, not stuff that was around in the 1960s and ‘70s.

3) The rules used will be Black Powder or Neil Thomas, which, as you point out, beat anything written by Grant, Young, or Featherstone by a country mile.

So what do I really mean by “old school”? Three things, I think:

1) First, a more simple approach to the game, both in terms of the game itself and miniatures production.  No flocking, for one thing: bases are green and the table is green. Stylized terrain, for another: a few print-out buildings are a village; some trees on felt make a woods.

2) Simple and fun rules. I wish I could get a digitalized version of Neil Thomas Napoleonics and if anyone can point me in that direction, I’d be much obliged. Until then, Black Powder it is.

3) Not sweating the historic side of things. My British Penninsular Army has a heavy cavalry brigade which I suspect willl see much use on the table. The French are going to have some Guard, too. Yeah, I know. Piss off.

But all of this, it must be admitted, has the same relationship to “old school” miniatures as a  nouvelle cuisine meal in a hipster restaraunt carefully crafted to look like my grandma’s kitchen has to my grandma’s cooking.

So yeah. What nostalgia is this?

About that Harley Davidson, however…


We get slapped around, but we have a good time!