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Hehehe, yeah can’t  say I’ve ever drank my water wash. Certainly washed my brush out in my tea though and done the other twos well. Stowage is a bit fiddly I must admit. Especially when a Jerry can pings from the tweezers. Then I have to spent 5 minutes crawling around looking for it.

Right, the DSG models are just about done. Quite happy with them, there’s a few little bits I need to address but all in all they will do for now.

Three more MBT’s. Ready for hire to the highest bidder.

After the war Talins were abundant and could be picked up from various auctions for peanuts. Many Talin crews offer what is in fact nothing more than a glorified taxi service. Giving safe passage through radiation zones for example. If you  really worry about your security then for a few extra credits you can hire one of the Scorpion IFV as escort.

For those who are on a budget and can’t afford a MBT. Then look no further, although not sporting the same firepower as a Python. Cobras come cheaper and more conveniently to acquire.