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My fantasy games as noted are pretty quick to play.
Limited models, say 2 goodies and 8 baddies.
Fast play rules (TM).  😀
15mm on a 2′ x 2′ board.

I will be using my own rules from now own which are slightly more detailed then the rules I used previously.
The old rules would play a simple game in under 10 minutes.
This was not enough time to get my teeth into it all.
So rather than play the same game again to see if the outcome was very different I figured I could move onto the next game straight after.

So the first game could be in an Oasis where a hero is ambushed at their camp by bandits, the hero slays them and takes their loot to a nearby town to sell their goods and rest up an heal. However the bandits had friends who track the hero back to the town and they steal in at night to try and have their revenge. That is game two on a new board.
Game three is where the hero and a friend or maybe the towns militia in turn track those bandits back to the hill camp and attack, attempting to rid the bandit threat once and for all.

So we have 3 chapters all part of the same story that takes part across 3 settings.
But with each game probably only taking 15 minutes to play out, rather than wait between the games, we play them immediately one after the other.

Does that help at all, or am I mostly rambling?