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I once dealt with a book seller face to face and was very rudely treated. I used to make it a point to buy a book from them when I went to shows and was set to spend $100 which consisted of 1 game and 1 book.  Of course I set my purchases down, walked away and never purchased from them again.  I don’t even give the booth a sideways glance.  Finally, I returned the “favor” 10-fold by telling 10 people about the incident.  Strangely, at least five of them had similarly been treated rudely by the same company.

So to answer your question, name and shame 10 fold is what you will get out of it from me if you cross me up like that.  😉  That is how rude treatment would work anyway.  I probably would be more like you, Mike, and just put that company on the ignore list for shilling negative comments like that.



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