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Well generally I agree, and modern ways of business sometimes leave me speechless. However – what did he/she mean by ‘meh’ ? Was it a comment at perceived poor workmanship? Was it a comment on the promotion of such work through kickstarter? (I have serious concerns myself about the methodology, too tedious to go through here but with worries about the affect on both the potential manufacturer and the supporter/investor). Or was it some other facet of the promotion about which we know nothing? Now, I would agree the comment was pretty useless, because it tells me nothing about what ‘meh’ means in general to the individual making it, or in this particular case to what it was referring. It may have been a rude, pointless and uncouth dismissal of another manufacturers work. On the other hand it may have had some validity, but either way I can’t tell. Brevity is great but not to the point of being completely opaque.

I’m not really sure the what exactly was meant is all that useful.  Meh means, essentially, “Mediocre” or “Underwhelmed.”  That, in itself, is enough to show that the person was trying to be insulting.  at that point you can just stop listening to what the person says.


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