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However, it does concern me this gentleman is being universally damned for merely using a 3 letter word. Empathy demands we know something behind its use before we rush to judgment. And that we give people mercy.

That’s a fair point. We do owe people some empathy and mercy, but I suspect that people were commenting more on general usage rather than on this specific case. I wonder if, in this specific instance, there was any follow-up on the comment to ascertain the intent behind it. I also wonder if the deployment of a 3-letter word response may be considered to be treating the original poster with due empathy and mercy.

I don’t really know if it is the result of the power & practices of Social Media but the world seems to want to act as judge, jury & executioner. And tout de suite at that. I’m afraid on this issue, I’ll have to stay in that fairly lonely minority. donald

It’s a sad fact that the anonymity of the keyboard does rather seem to lend itself  to saying things that one would not normally say to a person’s face. I don’t think it increases how judgemental people are, but I do think it increases the willingness to express judgemental opinions.

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