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I won’t do business with someone I perceive as rude. There are too many other sources for any product to endure a bad experience, too. I’ll go elsewhere.

But I don’t think a ‘meh’ comment is all that rude, either. I don’t think it reflects on the product or the manufacturer–just on the commenter’s reaction to it. It just didn’t hit that person’s sweet spot. I’ve been in that position many times and I’ve used ‘meh’, face to face. No rudeness intended. It’s just not for me. Nor do I believe the vendor took it as an insult.

Being a manufacturer means you have to put your product out there. It’s not going to be just what everyone wants. If you can’t take an occasional shrug of the shoulders in regard to your product, process or even your personality, then you’re a bit to0 sensitive to be dealing with the public. Shrug it off and go on. You’ll find other customers. There’s a market for everything these days. It’s just a matter of finding it. And if you can’t find the market, tweak your product. Maybe a ‘meh’ comment can be converted to a ‘Wow!’

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