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Angel Barracks


You mean The Chronicles of Simurgh or Crom’s Anvil surely?


State Of Play And Plans.

So the school holidays are almost ended which will allow me to catch up a bit.

I have 2 metal masters at the casters (Erland and Eydis), I have 3 greens here (The Simurgh Guard), the sculptor is working on 4 Tribesmen which should be done in a couple of weeks.
These will all be ready to sell by the end of May at the latest I hope.

I have 2 small buildings to add to the site next week.
I am half way through making the small campsite scatter piece.

I will be doing some more to the rules when I get the above figures cast so I can use the images in the book.

I also have a mega order to cast, thanks you know who, which will take a few days.
Plus the regular more normal orders.

Then I want to muck about with Comic Life and get a few game reports out there to excite people about the rules.

I have a mysterious donor who is paying to get some fantasy figures sculpted, they are not quite in keeping with the desert theme, but would work in other popular settings, so who am I to say no to free 15mm fantasy sculpts…

Then I have some cake to eat…