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I’m fairly agnostic about the material as all have pros and cons.

Metal vehicles tend to be heavy & can require fairly heavy duty glue (2 part epoxy, or even soldering) to hold everything together. Guns tend to bend rather than snap. Postage to Oz is considerable, especially when you factor in weight. There isn’t much available locally.

Resin are lighter & the ranges tend to be more comprehensive than either metal or plastic. They can be quite delicate, especially those intended as display models rather than gaming pieces. Some manufacturers do (or did, it’s been 15 years since I really looked at 20mm) simplified models for gaming purposes. Again not cheap and can be hard to find in Oz.

Plastic models are the cheapest option but do need to be put together, which may become quite fiddily (eg individual track links on some Esci/Italerai builds). There are some quick builds around (eg Armorfast). The scale can differ between (& sometimes within) ranges. There is a vast difference in size between the Hasegawa Sherman E8 at 1/68, the Esci/Italerai Sherman at 1/72, (as is the Matchbox/Revell Firefly but the Airfix one is smaller again at 1/76. They’re all classed as “20mm” though…. ┬áReadily available in Oz though and cover the main variants for most countries.

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