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Howard Whitehouse

At any rate, if CB is slated for upcoming release it is very good news. I’ve been hoping to see these rules for, well, about fourteen years now. Any chance Mr Murch might sculpt a few S&S packs, just as a break from interwar pulp? It would be great fun to see what he would do with the subject. Keep us posted!

I keep picking ’em up and putting ’em down, usually when somebody asks me to help on something else, or I have a book deadline. Sorry. One thing I’m doing is to use the card combat system from ‘Flint and Feather’, which is largely the idea of Lee Van Shaik; I think it’s cleaner than my previous version. it’s important that an S&S hero can not only tke on multiple opponents, but slice and dice them collectively rather than as a series of separate fights.

I’d love for Bob to make figures, but all I can do is wave encouragingly in his direction.

I do all my own stunts.