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Our house was built in 1878, now I know that makes it new by U.K. Standards, but in the US, that is kind of old.

The reason  I mention the age is because of an odd characteristic that we discovered shortly after buying it.  It had 39 prior residents/families that lived in it in its fiirst 117 years.  One family lived here for 14 years, nobody else more than 3 years, and it had 4 diffent owners/residents between 1878 and 1882.

there have been a number of deaths in the house and one in the back yard, a little girl that was run over by a car 60 + years ago.

After buying the house, we slowly came to find that all of the neighbors who lived in the neighborhood for awhile, referred to the house, as “the haunted house”.

We have had countless odd events over the last 20 + years, which confound me being that I work as a forensic investigator, and cannot explain most of them.

One of the most unsettling things that happened was my 2.5 year old daughter telling me about her invisible ( to me and my wife) friend named Emily.  My daughter explained that Emily was the ghost of a 7 year old girl that was killed by a car in the back yard.  We positively never spoke of the death or even the idea of ghosts to or around our daughter, and were shocked that she even knew what a ghost was at that age, let alone the story about the girl in the backyard.  It was very unnerving.

We have also had several neighbors tell us or ask us about the little sad looking girl frequently seen peering out of our attic or spare bedroom windows.

My wife and I have never seen Emily.