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Ouija?!?!?!  Are you just WANTING him to be possessed?!?!?!  Just make sure you have a camera going to document any odd diatribes or musings in foreign languages…


So this all inspired me to get into contact with some peeps form high school I haven’t herd from in ages.  One that was at the Hotel Del Coronado said he remembered the ghost woman having an umbrella in her hands as well as having shoes with square heels.  He also told me that it scarred him so badly that he hasn’t set foot on Coronado since the encounter and has missed a couple of weddings and banquets that were held at the hotel.  I’ve been back to the hotel a couple of times, for brunch or a dinner/meeting/banquet but have never stayed there.  I don’t think I would be afraid of staying or against it either.  Maybe I found the encounter more “fantastic” than frightening?


Greg: are there any places you’ve had encounters/experiences that you would never revisit?

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."