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That is damned good! I wanted to say “for your first time painting 3mm”, but it’s just damned good, full stop!

Great use of basing against color and an oversized red flash to make the figures pop out. Just about the perfect amount of flocking, too, and the paint job on the figures themselves is very nice! The only thing I’d maybe do differently is dull down the label a bit. Make it a darker grey or a green that matches the base, just so it doesn’t distract from your superb figures. But, then again, it bcomes a balance of legibility versus discreetness. Thankfully, you can print up a bunch of different labels and see which suits you best, which may well be this!

Over all, a great job!

Also, intriguing use of flocking to mark off the sectors!

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!