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John D Salt

This is a topic that seems to come up at intervals, with little new being said each time, and precious little hard data presented. The latest discussion on TMP alluded to by Shaun Travers does not seem to say anything that hasn’t been said many times before, with some contributors giving references to sources already cited earlier in the thread, and getting themselves muddled up with the 3:1 force ratio of contentious convention. War Artisan’s analysis of “hundreds” of tactical records would be useful and interesting if he had recorded it all in a format he could share, but sadly that seems to have been “too academic”.

With no apologies whatever for being one of these dreadful academics, I offer, with no very great confidence that I haven’t already mentioned this at least once, my own list of suppression and related models from last year’s ISMOR. Sources are cited for each model, although I skim quickly over the arty and miss-distance models on the grounds that they are (or should be) all very well known, and if anyone has a clearer or more complete exposition of Coops’ “colour” model than the one cited in “On Combat” I would be pleased to hear about it. Here’s the link, see if you can spot the glaring error:


If anyone has any information on any other published models of suppression or related phenomena — especially from non-Anglophone sources — my ears are flapping gently in the breeze.

As for the revision of the STANAG on suppression, a pal of mine was involved in that effort. I haven’t heard anything about it for quite a while, so I fear that it may have been put in the “too difficult” bin.

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