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Personally, I would not think in terms of ‘units’ but rather in terms of ‘battles’, i.e. larger formations composed of a number of contingents that you have to keep together for maximum effectiveness.

Yes, I’m struggling with the term “units” & will need to come up with something else. I’m aiming at 8-12 “units” (there’s that word again) a side. At a rough figure scale of 1:5, these are pretty small “battles” @ 400-500 real men a side. So games aren’t major conflicts between petty kings but more like the argy-bargy of large raiding parties running into the local, “home defence” forces.

I’m not sure about “publishing” whatever I come up with here as it will certainly & unashamedly contain some mechanisms pilfered from commercial sets & I don’t want any copyright issues (I think Mike might agree with me….).

At the moment, I have a list of things that need researching.

For example: should I allow a player to keep a reserve? I’m not sure if this isn’t too advanced for the period (though I suspect historians tend to dumb down the abilities of people in the period).

And, how big a role should I give the tactic of ambush? Was it common or did military leaders disdain such practices like Beorhtnoth historically did?

Lots to learn, lots to test…..