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Perhaps it does seem surprising, these days, but remember that Colonial gaming was almost totally dominated by the Big Three — AZW, NWF, Sudan — for many years, with everything else relegated to a tiny niche. You could look through various catalogs, and find the same figure-types, over and over. Understandable, when that is what sells.

Though even with those, there were important gaps: did you want dismounted Frontier Light Horse? Convert something else. Over here in the US, one gentleman, Richard Houston, carved out a niche by, in part, creating figures and equipment not covered by the large manufacturers.

I never thought to see figures for the early South African Wars, or Maori Wars, but here they are. We’re not yet in the Golden Age of Colonials  (try browsing for companies that cover Adowa, for instance), but we’ve come a long way in the last decade or two.

Though even there, the situation is a bit tenuous: I don’t know how well the other companies are doing with Sikh Wars, but last I spoke with OG’s Russ Dunaway, they hadn’t yet broken even on their line. Given the large number of different sculpts, the (so far) limited market, and, of course,  their prices, I can’t say I’m really surprised. I’m hoping the entry of more companies into the market  will help bring on a tipping point; at least it should expose more gamers to the period.

That would be a good thing for Colonial gamers — one thing leads to another. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but when OG brought out their Sikhs, they also announced a range for the First Afghan War. Due to limited sales for the first range, the other one never happened. But if Sikh Wars becomes a “thing”,  who knows? We could find ourselves marching on (or retreating from!) Kabul.