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Not knowing much about Nappies I wouldn’t know which of the moves was foolish (other than being caught crossing) but I think it’s really cool that there are more games than just the tourny types going on at Adepticon.  I went 2 years ago and it was a great time and the Con runners are very open to having a wider variety of games.

Frankly, we were blown away by how much interest in historicals there was. I expected it to be an up hill battle to convince players that we had something of interest for them but we got a terrific response and the convention staff were very supportive and interested in what we were bringing to the convention.

Question about force setups in your game: are armies all historical or is there a way to create ImagiNations?

We don’t provide a framework for ImagiNations but I don’t think there is anything to prohibit them. The Raising an Army supplement included in The Complete Player’s Guide offers lots of details on how and when to apply different characteristics and historical examples of them being applied that someone into ImagiNations could use for their own ends.

What sort of specific support, if any, does such require or benefit from?


The Bandit