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You should be pleased with the Old Glory line, although you might want to get a few sample packs to begin with, to be sure they have the look you want. With a number of different sculptors,  the results vary; with the Indian Mutiny, since you mention it, I  liked the mutineers, but was less satisfied with the British figures: the bayonets break off very easily, a perennial problem with OG, which is odd, because those on the mutineer figs don’t seem to have that problem. In fact, they are more robust in general than the British figures, which seem rather anemic in comparison. I suspect two different sculptors.

Anyway , this doesn’t seem to be the case with the Sikh Wars range. A couple of points,  though:

You should probably get a command pack or two, to see exactly what’s in them. I’ve only inspected a couple at shows, but from what I could see, it looked as if there were more “extra” type figures than the usual officer/standard-bearer/musician combination. You may need more command packs than you think, particularly if you intend to have two colours per unit.

Another point: at least in the few pics I’ve seen, none of the horses for the Gorachurra have much in the way of armor; whether this is typical of the 1840’s I can’t say.

I would welcome correction on these points from someone more knowledgeable!

Lastly, there are,unfortunately, no Zamburak camel gunners in the OG range. They were going to be included in the First Afghan War range, but as I said, that never happened.

I did see where someone used the Zamburaks from the OG 16th-17th century Persian line, with some head swaps, so that’s a possibility.

I hope you’ll give us regular updates on your progress. And pics!