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My new hot wire cutter arrived and after a couple of weeks staring at me balefully from the kitchen table, I finally got it out of the packet and used it to ‘level off” the polystyrene in the terra former …  here is a pic of one of the tiles after that:

I’m not sure how well the picture conveys it, but the length of the cutter (20cm) meant that it was quite difficult to keep it straight with the top of the former. Despite its heat, it did slide along the top of the mdf without burning it, but the end of the cutter had a tendency to bend down into the polystyrene, creating the dips in it.  At first I was annoyed about this, but then I thought, “What’s the point of doing all this if I didn’t want ‘3D’ terrain? After the application of liberal amounts of filler and some paint, I now have these:

It’s difficult to see, but I’ve smoothed out the edges of the dips and filled some in.  I’m quite pleased with the results.  The next stage is a PVA solution followed by sand.

In case it’s of interest, this is the cutter I’ve used:

Amazon hot wire cutter £18.99

I’m thinking of shortening the wire slightly to see if that helps – the wire is 20cm long and I need 15cm to reach the centre of the tile …

It’s also a damn sight easier to use to cut the polystyrene to size

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