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Dave Crowe

Would love to see some pics. A link even if they’re up somewhere already. I saw one shot of the game set up at Cavalier in Feb. Looks incredible!

As far as schemes go I’d say in this case an educated guess is often as far as it goes. For years people have speculated over old B/W photos guessing colours by varying shades of greys and taking pencilled dates on the backs of prints as gospel truth. In the end some of the best refference boils down to little more than an overeducated guesses. Just politely thank the rivet-counting anorack for his insight and let him go on his merry way safe in the knowledge that his guess was indeed very educated.

single fin tails on a CANT 1007? I’ve no supplier for you but you might just get a close approximation from a CANT Z506 without the floats. I mean if you don’t want to start sawing tails off them to replace the twin fin ones.