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Norm S

Having been involved with saving rolls ‘back in the day’, they fell out of fashion and seemed in fact to go through a period of being  frowned upon, but they are certainly back in vogue and the Black Powder stable of rules make good use of them.

In these rules, the saving roll goes beyond the target being armoured or not and seems to be a mechanic that has as much to do with smoothing out the wild variables that the attacker rolls can bring … I know, by using another set of potentially wild variables, but I find it a totally acceptable mechanic and in some ways it just feels like the attack has generated a load of morale tests, which itself is a common and alternative mechanic to save rolls.

I have always seen dice as part of the telling of the story, rather than just the pass / fail thing, so if a side rolls three sixes, then perhaps a courageous leader has stepped up and inspired or an undulation in the landscape when approached from a certain direction has exposed or protected the target etc.