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What does a saving throw do?
Negate the initial effect?


Is it is simple as actually, that missed, or is it, that did hit, but failed to penetrate armour.
Is it, that did hit and that did wound, but actually not enough to consider that model out of action, maybe it was a flesh wound.
The saving throw negated the initial hit in what can be interpreted as a number of ways.

Is it that it never actually hit, maybe a save (as used in my sci-fi rules on super small agile drones, packed with ECM and the like) is actually avoiding an otherwise accurate shot.
It was not an armour save, it was a dodge.

Does that then mean that a to hit roll, when successful simply means that once the attacker has lost the ability to influence the attack (such as when an arrow has left the bow) looks like it will hit, assuming nothing changes.
It is a potential hit, rather than an confirmed hit.
It is only a confirmed hit once the defender has failed to evade.
So a saving throw is not always armour, it could be a move, it could be the wind, it could be something else.

Do hit rolls assume that once the target is hit, it can damage the target regardless.
Chances are that some peasant could kill another peasant, his bread knife is almost certainly going to cut through the other peasants cloth if the blow lands.
Assuming they of equal fighting skill, then once hit, there will be no save, as there is no armour?
But that peasant fighting a knight, even if he does manage to best the knights attempts to parry or dodge, is his bread knife going to get though the mail and leather?
Maybe that is the save, the armour, maybe the save was the knight intimidating the peasant.

A save can be anything that fits in with your play style.
It need not always be turning back time and meaning that arrow missed after all…

Maybe a saving throw is just a random variable to favour the defender?


That was waffle and possibly incoherent.
If my ramblings are too bad, let me know and I will try to make it less garbled…