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Yesterday evening a couple of friends came round and so we decided to try out the rules. We ran the first scenario (with the wolves) a couple of times, taking turns for each of them to play the barbarian hero while the other played the wolves.

In the first game both groups of wolves used 1 AV to move towards the hero and then waited, saving their remaining AV to defend if she attacked. The hero had to use 2 of her AV to move in to contact with the first group of wolves (poor dice rolling on the first move task) and then used the remaining 4 AV to kill all 3 of them. The second group of wolves then used their remaining AV to move closer.

On the next turn the wolves moved into combat with the hero and managed to inflict a wound and a critical before they were dispatched.

In the second game, both players were more cautious. Both groups of wolves used 1 AV to move towards each other so that all 6 were together in place, each with a remaining AV to defend if attacked. The hero used 2 AV to move into contact with the wolf on one end of the line, 2 AV to kill it and the last 2 AV to move away again. In the following turns the wolves warily advanced towards the hero, saving an AV to defend if attacked, while the hero used 1 or 2 AV to move in, a few more to attack and hopefully kill a wolf or 2 and then use the last 2 AV to move away again. This worked quite well for the hero until one of the wolves got a critical, leaving the hero with less AV remaining to move away. On the following turn the surviving wolves closed in for the kill but were unable to repeat their previous success and the hero managed to kill them…just.

Both players picked up the rules quickly and enjoyed the game – if I’d had some suitable figures for the bandits we’d probably have tried the second scenario too.