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Dave Crowe

Yeah, I’d say the G50 and the C.202 look a little darker than real life. The Bombers are all pretty ┬ámuch as is. Think I just toned them down a good bit in the later stages trying to blend the camo schemes.

I’ll start good and light on the base coat. Nice bright sandy yellow or pale drab greens, then I’ll add the pattern in darker colours, (usually some neat inks) and use a watered down version of the same over the whole lot to tone it all together, sometimes with a little highlight to brighten dark bits and often a thinned black wash to pick out sculpt detail at the end. Turns out a little dark sometimes, but then Italy is a very sunny place so all those old photos are probably over exposed! (That’s my excuse anyway)

as for the blue grey, I’d say yes but I think the front of that SM79 was a little darker than the underside. But then most of the time I’m jut mixing colours and layering as I go so there’s no consistency in my blue grey tones at all.

Glad you liked them and many thanks for your comments.