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Jemima Fawr

First rate series of blog posts, excellent photos, great looking game. I was entertained and I learned something. Very creative use of figures to build forces for an out-of-the-way battle. I would not have thought of converting ACW into RN Napoleonic naval infantry. One question: Where in the world did you come up with those figures of Welsh women?

Cheers Zippy!  If you look closely, there are inaccuracies – e.g. three-banded muskets instead of bandless Brown Bess, later-pattern ‘box’ backpacks, short AWI-style gaiters instead of knee-length 1790s gaiters, but it looks great en masse and upsetting the ‘Bricole-Counters’ is no bad thing…

Martin made ‘Jemima & Friends’ mainly from Perry Miniatures ‘ACW Rioters’ (which I think are based on the film ‘Gangs of New York’) and Redoubt Miniatures French & Indian Wars sets, plus ‘Tavern Wenches’, plus a lot of Greenstuff and Redoubt Miniatures mediaeval peasant weapons packs.  He’s a very talented lad who has since gone professional as a model-maker and has created master models for the likes of QRF, Pendraken, Lancashire Games and others.  He also made an amazing VBCW 1938 unit of Welsh Nationalists for me, being Welshmen dressed in ‘traditional Welsh drag’ and based on the cross-dressing ‘Rebecca Rioters’ of 1839.

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