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Yesterday my second Crom’s Anvil order arrived in the post (lots of new buildings etc. for my version of Simurgh) and I also received some more Mark Copplestone barbarians and Picts from North Star.

Having based and primed a few of the Picts I decided to use them as the local tribesmen in another test scenario – our 2 heroes vs. 2 groups of 3 warriors, 2 groups of 2 archers and a leader. The barbarians were using rocky outcrops to cover their stealthy approach so the bad guys were unable to react until Erland got a very low stealth roll and one group of warriors managed to roll 6s on their wits test and used their 2 AV to move towards the rocks to investigate. The heroes rushed out from behind the rocks, each having to use 2 AV to reach the enemy (lots of poor dice rolls for movement tasks in this game!), used 2 more AV to slay all 3 and then 2 more AV to dash back behind the rocks before the others could react.

The remaining tribesmen then used their AV to move toward the rocks, with the archers on the flanks, hoping to get line of sight around the rocks (but not this turn – more poor movement rolls).

On turn 2 the tribesmen continued to advance, with archers using 1 AV to move and 1 AV to shoot at the heroes, who each had to use 2 AV to dodge the arrows. The heroes then each used 2 more AV to charge the archers. Erland used his remaining 2AV to slay his group, but Eydis only managed to wound one and took a critical hit from the other.

On turn 3 the remaining group of warriors used 1 AV to move into contact with Erland and their remaining AV to attack him, losing 2 of their number but the last one inflicted a critical hit, leaving Erland only 1 AV to strike back, which he used to good effect, slaying the last warrior.

Meanwhile the archers attacked Eydis, but she slew both of them before the leader moved in and inflicted another critical hit on her.

On turn 4 the heroes won the initiative and Erland had to use 3 AV to charge across the battlefield and then used his last AV to inflict a critical hit on the leader. This allowed Eydis to strike the fatal blow, leaving the 2 wounded heroes to loot the bodies before limping back to Simurgh.